The Industry Leaders in Precision Wire Drawing

Brookfield Wire’s core competencies include ultra-fine and fine wire drawing services. We maintain exact sizing, temper, and packaging specifications every time with our precise drawing capabilities. Consistency is our top priority. Time and time again, you can rely on Brookfield to reproduce the same, high quality, DFARS-compliant wire.

Our attention to detail and decades of experience make us a leading wire company for our wire drawing skills, competitive pricing, bulk wire deals, and more. We value our ability to exercise consistency across wire drawing and all projects, so our customers know what to expect every time. This is part of what makes us a leading wire company able to tackle any challenge we’re presented with.

Brookfield Wire is quickly becoming one of America’s leading stainless steel wire suppliers. We draw countless tons of stainless steel and nickel wire every year. Our extensive product lineup can meet any custom specifications and requirements.

Big Savings on Bulk Wire Drawing

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Our Process | What is Wire Drawing?

Wire drawing is the ideal process when you need to manufacture the highest quality wire solutions in the industry. At Brookfield Wire, our wire drawing process reduces metal rods and their cross sections by pulling them through a series of advanced drawing dies. Once the wire is pulled into the die, it increases in diameter and length while keeping the same volume. Wire drawing is applicable for electrical wiring, cables, tension-loaded structural components, paper clips, springs, and stringed musical instruments. 

This wire forging process is completed at hot, cold, or room temperatures, however, drawing is typically performed at room temperature and classified as a cold working process. Many metals’ properties change when they are heated to a high temperature. With the cold working process, the metal wire is reshaped without disrupting the integrity of its properties. Some larger wires may require elevated temperatures.  

Our wire drawing process at Brookfield is quite simple when broken down. We continuously feed the wire through our drawing die until it fits your exact specification request. We can even perform annealing during any part of the process, even after the wire has passed through the die. We never shy away from a challenge. If you’re not sure which wire is best for your project, contact our team of certified wire drawing experts today for a professional recommendation.

Wire Drawing Benefits Include:

  • Excellent surface finishing

  • Mass production capabilities

  • Control of demanding dimensions

  • Economical efficiency

  • Quick turnaround

Wire drawing can be done for small and large-scale production. Brookfield uses industry-leading machines to maintain quick lead times and extreme precision for every project.

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Our Wire Drawing Capabilities

Brookfield is an American-owned and operated wire drawing company consisting entirely of expert wire drawing specialists. Our staff combines knowledge from all aspects of the wire manufacturing industry. We are equipped to give our clients high-quality wire with the exact sizing, tempering, and packaging they need. In fact, Brookfield draws innumerable tons of wire each year, so you can trust us to consistently deliver reliable, DFARS-compliant wire solutions.

Here at Brookfield, quality, precision, and uniformity are central to your wire drawing process. Our wire drawing experts work with the best manufacturing equipment in the industry, allowing us to more readily satisfy the quality and performance standards of our clients regardless of the application. Most importantly, we can customize products and modify our process to meet even the most unique requirements.

Custom Shaped Wire

Brookfield does not shy away from a challenge. With our manufacturing capabilities, we can customize wire solutions to your exact specifications while maintaining quick lead times and competitive pricing. Many high-profile companies from industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace rely on Brookfield for high-quality wire products.

We manufacture our custom shaped wire solutions with cross-sectional dimensions with a net-like shape, which significantly reduces scrap and machining costs. Brookfield custom shaped wire products are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, alloys, tempers, and finishes, so you can find exactly what you need. We also offer many spooling and packaging options to meet your shipment and delivery requirements.

Flat Wire

Flat wire, also known as ribbon wire, is a standard type of shaped wire we offer. For flat wire, our manufacturing process starts with drawing round wire to the optimal size. Then, we roll the round wire to a flat cross-section with a series of processes and utilizing anneals if need be.

Our flat wire solutions offer incredibly close dimensional tolerances with a diverse selection of edges on narrow widths. These edges include natural round, full rounded, square edge, and broken corner. We also offer a variety of diameters, finishes, metal alloys, and even packaging options including continuous wire coils and spools.

Round Wire

Round wire drawing is a Brookfield specialty. With our capabilities, we can offer unparalleled efficiency and precision for the development of round wire solutions. We can create round wire, fine wire, and ultra-fine wire products to exceptionally close dimensional tolerances. So, our round wire can meet strict requirements that our diamond and carbide dies cannot.

We can also develop products in a full range of alloys and deliver them in catchweight coils, spools, and cut-to-length packaging.

Our Metal Alloy Selection

Our Metal Alloy Selection

As a leading wire drawing company, Brookfield can create custom wire products with 300 series stainless steel as well as nickel and nickel-based alloys. We use our electric strand annealing furnaces to process almost any type of wire for rolling, shaping, or die drawing. This allows us to deliver fully customized products to many industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, and more.

We use global purchasing methods to maintain a full selection of quality metal alloys. Our network of suppliers only includes domestic and NATO sources, so we can guarantee our customers higher levels of quality for their products. Check out our selection of metal alloys below:

300 Series Stainless Steel

  • 302

  • 304, 304L, and 304V
  • 305
  • 316
  • 321

Other Standard Alloys

  • Nickel 200 and 205
  • Monel 400
  • Inconel 600 and 601
  • Blk Inconel 600
  • And More!

Start Working with a Certified Wire Drawing Company Today!

Choosing Brookfield gives you the opportunity to work with the industry’s wire drawing company. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Distributor of metal wire products, meaning we have proven our ability to maintain exceptional levels of quality and precision for the design, engineering, and production services our customers need.

With a full catalog of high-quality metal alloys and wire solutions, we can develop the ideal products for nearly any industry or application. Our goal is to deliver the best wire products for your project with quick lead times, speedy delivery, and competitive pricing.

Want to learn more about our wire drawing company and wire drawing process? Our technical staff is ready to answer any questions about our processes or our 50+ standard alloys, so contact Brookfield today!

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