Wire Bobbins Manufacturers | Brookfield Wire Company

Wire Bobbins Manufacturer | Brookfield Wire Company

Brookfield offers over 70 years’ experience winding wire on bobbins. We offer bobbins with multiple ends 4, 5, 6 and up to 12. Available with New England Butt, Wardwell 16 & 24 Carrier and Hacoba. We wind bobbins with stainless steel wire, nickel, copper, and specialty alloys in addition to fine and ultra-fine wire to your specifications.

Big Savings on Bulk Wire Bobbins

Discover how much you can save buying wire bobbins in bulk from Brookfield.

Metal Alloys

Brookfield Wire specializes in 300 series stainless steel, resistance, nickel alloys, nitinol, inconel, and monel. Global purchasing provides access to raw materials for almost any specification. Brookfield works to be among the shortlist of wire bobbins manufacturers who are DFARS-compliant, working with materials that come solely from domestic or NATO sources. For you, that means only the most reliable and quality materials are used for your wiring solution.

Standard Alloys

  • 302
  • 304

  • 304L

  • 304V

  • 305

  • Ni 200

  • Ni 205

  • 80/20

  • Monel 400*

  • Inconel 600*

  • Inconel 601*

  • Blk Inc 600*