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Are you looking for a reliable distributor of nickel wire products? Brookfield Wire, LLC is one of the leading nickel wire suppliers in the United States. In fact, we can develop custom-designed round, flat, and shaped nickel wire with quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Here at Brookfield, our staff combines many years of experience in custom wire production. As a result, we offer the highest levels of precision for dimensional and processing control. Most importantly, we can meet all of your quality and performance requirements while working within your budget and schedule.

High-speed, high-precision wire production is Brookfield’s specialty. We also offer a full range of sizes, finishes, tempers, and chemistries. In addition to standard nickel wire, we can readily create custom wire products to your exact specifications.

Furthermore, we operate a 70,000 square-foot facility that houses state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. We can easily take on even the most challenging, high-volume nickel wire projects while offering quick lead times and competitive pricing. As a result, we are one of the few nickel wire suppliers that can consistently work within your schedule and budget.

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High-Quality Products from Proven Nickel Wire Suppliers

Brookfield has maintained its spot among America’s leading nickel wire suppliers for many years, offering a diverse catalog of products and services. We have been creating standard and custom nickel wire solutions since 1947.

Brookfield’s high-quality nickel wire is a top choice among our customers. Benefits of nickel wire include:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Strong ductility
  • High mechanical strength
  • Oxidation resistant

As a top custom manufacturer and distributor of wire products, we offer our customers the highest strength and versatility in the industry. So, our pure nickel wire products can meet even the strictest quality and performance standards. Our wire products are also useful in a wide variety of industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace. Furthermore, Brookfield wire products are easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and eco-friendly.

We combine our expert staff with the industry’s finest manufacturing equipment, so we can accurately and consistently deliver the nickel wire products you need. This also gives us many other unique capabilities. These capabilities include drawing wire to custom gauges, tempers, and finishes at diameters from .006″ to .250″. As a result, we can more effectively meet your application requirements.

In addition, we offer many packaging and spooling options to meet your shipment and delivery needs.

Our Wire Manufacturing Capabilities

The Brookfield team is comprised of ultra-fine wire drawing experts. We utilize our many years of experience in the wire manufacturing industry, so we can offer exceptional precision for sizing, tempering, and packaging. In fact, Brookfield draws virtually countless tons of wire in nickel, stainless steel, and various other precious metals each year. So, you can rely on us to always deliver high-quality, DFARS-compliant products.

Additionally, here are some more advantages of selecting Brookfield as your nickel wire supplier:

  • Excellent surface finishing
  • High volume production capabilities
  • Accurate control for strict dimensions
  • High efficiency
  • Quick turnaround

Production Process | Why Use Wire Drawing?

Our wire drawing production process decreases the cross-sections of a steel rod. This process also pulls the wire through one or multiple drawing dies. As we draw the wire through the series of die, its diameter begins to shrink as the wire increases in length. Most notably, this process increases the temper and hardness of the final product.

We perform our wire drawing process continuously, repeatedly drawing the wire through the die and shaping it to your specifications. For steel, annealing can occur before, during, or after the materials pass through the drawing die. The timing depends on the type of wire you need. If you are not entirely certain of what you need, however, our team of experts can offer professional recommendations and ensure you receive the best products for your application.

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Tempering Nickel Alloy Wires

When designing high-quality wire with nickel and other specialty metals, tempering is an important part of producing the best possible wire. In fact, tempering wire improves many characteristics of the metal through exposure to high temperatures and then controlled cooling. Not only does this increase the strength of the metal, but it also reduces internal stress and brittleness and increases corrosion resistance.

Here at Brookfield, we offer a full range of tempers from full annealed to full spring as well as intermediate tempers for specific customer requests. We also give offer a diverse selection of metal materials. In fact, we use global purchasing to find our raw materials. So, we can give our customers the highest quality wire at the lowest price.

Metal Alloys

With our global purchasing methods, we can offer a full range of high-quality metal materials. As a result, we can more accurately deliver custom wire products that meet your exact requirements. Furthermore, we can maintain our position as one of the few DFARS-compliant nickel wire suppliers.

We also use materials only found with domestic or NATO resources. So, you always get the highest quality materials for your wire products.

Our metal alloys include:

  • 302
  • 304
  • 304L
  • 304V
  • 305
  • 316
  • 321
  • Ni 200
  • Ni 205
  • Monel 400*
  • Inconel 600*
  • Inconel 601*
  • Blk Inc 600*
  • And more.

Certified USA Nickel Wire Suppliers

Quicker Lead Times, Better Pricing

If you are looking for reliable nickel wire suppliers, you can depend on Brookfield Wire, LLC. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Distributor, so you can trust us to supply you with the best possible wire solutions for your application.

Brookfield specializes in developing wire solutions with nickel and nickel-based alloys as well as stainless steel and various other precious metals. We can give our customers quicker lead times and competitive pricing for all projects. Furthermore, we give our clients access to DFARS-compliant materials, ensuring they get exactly what they need every time.

Many of Brookfield’s clients are manufacturers that regularly bulk purchase wire. We have the tools and knowledge necessary for fulfilling the requirements of high-volume projects with a quick turnaround, so our clients depend on us for a wide range of wire products. These products include brush wire, spring wire, welding wire, screen wire, medical wire, and more.

Brookfield offers 70+ years of experience as a nickel wire supplier, so you always receive the highest quality products with the best alloys, sizes, tempers, and finishes for your application. We welcome any inquiries for finding unique alloys or discussing any of the other 50+ standard alloys we offer, so contact us today!

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