Hose Wire | Steel Reinforced Hose

Brookfield Wire is one of the leading suppliers of wire used in stainless steel braided hose and flexible metal hose manufacturing. When Brookfield wire is used, it creates a superior suction and delivery hose. Stainless steel features a strong steel reinforcement, preventing a collapse on vacuum lines. With great resistance to vacuum, abrasions, and weathering, wire-reinforced hose is commonly found in aerospace, oil and gas, construction, and other industries. Brookfield supplies round wire that is ideal for braided or spiral wound metal hoses for maximum durability and long-lasting performance within the toughest working environments.

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steel reinforced hose also known as hose wire

Materials, Applications, and More

Wire-reinforced hose offers resistance to abrasion that chemicals have on standard delivery hoses. We supply chemical-resistant wire to hosing manufacturers. That wire is resistant to materials such as fuel, bio-diesels, oils, and hydrocarbons.

Depending on the demands of your application, Brookfield Wire supplies economical stainless steel wire and corrosion-resistant metals for hose manufacturing. The stainless steel wire is highly flexible, durable, and abrasion-resistant.

Wire reinforced hose is found in a variety of applications in the following industries:

  • Aviation

  • Trucking