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Fine Wire

Brookfield Wire Company is a leader in the manufacturing of fine wire products. Regardless of the application, we can develop solutions with the best dimensions and materials to ensure optimal performance. With more than 70 years of experience in wire drawing, we have become an invaluable resource for companies in many different industries. We equip our expert staff with the industry’s most advanced equipment and technology, ensuring high-level precision, processing control, and tight tolerances for every project.

Brookfield also specializes in the production of wire with 300 series stainless steel, nickel, Inconel, Monel, and several other alloys. With our global purchasing methods, we have access to the finest raw materials available. We use only the highest quality alloys from reliable domestic and NATO resources, allowing us to maintain DFARS compliance while delivering the best wire solutions on the market.

Tempering is another method we use for increasing the value and performance of our fine wire products. This is a process that involves heating the metals to extreme temperatures then immediately cooling them off, which reduces internal stress and brittleness while increasing strength. If you need fine wire for your next project, choose Brookfield Wire Company.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is another of Brookfield’s specialties. We offer a full range of mesh products including wire cloth, wire fabric, weld mesh, metal mesh, wire for rope, and wire for knitted mesh. With our wire manufacturing capabilities, we can produce perpendicular strands of wire and weld or weave them together. These products are exceptionally strong and versatile with applications in several industries. For example, mining and agricultural operations use wire mesh as filters, screens, barriers, and more!

Brookfield can also help you choose the best materials for your wire mesh products. Finding the ideal alloy for your application can be difficult, especially when many can offer similar advantages. We offer more than 70 years of experience in wire drawing with all types of metal, so you can depend on us to help you find the materials you need. From 300 series stainless steel to lightweight aluminum, we have access to high-quality DFARS-compliant materials. With Brookfield, you receive nothing other than the highest quality wire mesh products.

Hose Wire

Brookfield manufactures quality steel wire solutions for both braided and flexible metal hose manufacturing. Manufacturing metal hoses with Brookfield wire products ensures the hose offers superior suction and delivery functions. Creating a vacuum requires extreme levels of pressure, and the stainless steel wire provides the strength necessary to prevent vacuum lines from collapsing.

Our hose wire solutions also offer exceptional resistance to abrasions, weathering, and chemicals, making them ideal for applications in aerospace, construction, oil and gas, and many other industries. We supply this high-resistance wire to hosing manufacturers, so they can develop hoses resistance to fuel, oils, biodiesels, and hydrocarbons.

If you are a manufacturer looking for flexible, durable steel wire with superior abrasion and chemical resistance, you can depend on Brookfield Wire Company.

Slickline Wire Products

Slickline wire is a product most commonly used in industrial, construction, and oil or gas applications. It is a single strand of wire that can transport and retrieve tools to and from the wellbore. Workers in the oil and gas industry need these wires to retrieve plugs, gauges, valves, and other tools to perform their work in an efficient manner. Slickline can even give operators the ability to adjust sleeves, valves, and repair tubing from outside the wellbore.

Here at Brookfield, we understand that the oil and gas industries involve some of the toughest conditions of any industry. Oil operations can function in a wide variety of environments on land and underwater. We design slickline products to endure these harsh conditions and meet the performance requirements of the oil and gas industry, giving slickline operators the reliable tools they need.

Slickline is often mistaken for wireline due to their similarities. Wireline is an electrical cable that can transmit data and transport tools. The data provides updates on the ever-changing conditions downhole, so operators can be aware of their working conditions at all times.

Slickline, on the other hand, is just a singular strand of non-electrical wire. Multiple strands of electrical wire can be combined to create a wireline. While Brookfield does not manufacture full cables, we do manufacture wires that make up these cables. To learn more about our slickline, get in touch with our technical staff and find out if Brookfield wire solutions are right for you.

Welding Wire

Welding wire is another of Brookfield’s many wire products that offer exceptional performance in intense applications. Our welding wire products are entirely DFARS-compliant, coming in various alloys of steel, nickel, cobalt, and copper. We can develop wire solutions for both TIG and MIG welding, so many manufacturers depend on us to deliver the metal tools they need.

The quality of a weld depends directly on the quality of the metals involved. These filler metals liquefy and melt when exposed to extreme heat. Welders use these metals to fill in the space between metal parts and weld them together. If the metals involved with this bond are low in quality, the bond will be less likely to hold and will break under pressure. Brookfield welding wire is designed to offer ideal melting and flow to ensure a stronger, more secure bond between parts.

Our welding wire products also use filler metals with exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Companies in the automotive, construction, oil and gas, marine, and many other industries depend on our welding wire to get the job done. In fact, you can find our welding wire in construction projects around the world including mufflers, hydro turbines, and tank assemblies.

Brush Wire

Brush wire is one of our wire products that are in uniquely high demand because they are the ideal choice for twisted-in-wire brushes. These brushes are also known as tube brushes, bottle brushes, pipe brushes, spiral brushes, and more. As you can see, brush wire is incredibly versatile with uses in countless applications.

Twisted brushes are most commonly used for the cleaning of power tools or even in combination with power tools. Applications that most often use these brushes include industrial, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. Twisted brushes can effectively clean, polish, finish, and remove debris from all types of surfaces.

Here at Brookfield, we can provide you with recommendations on the ideal type of brush wire for your application. With our selection of metal alloys, we can develop brush wire with optimal flexibility or stiffness with resistance to abrasions and corrosive chemicals. We also offer several bristle crimping styles that can increase your brush’s lifespan in high-impact cleaning applications. If you are looking for something softer and more flexible, straight bristles are the way to go.

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Cold Heading Wire

Cold heading is a metal wire forming process that involves two types of production. One involves hitting the wire multiple times within a single die, and the other method involves transferring the wire through several die until it meets the ideal specifications. The latter process is known as multi-die forming.

Cold heading wire is uniquely flexible and functions well with fasteners and cold headings such as nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, and more. Our highly efficient production process also ensures precision and uniformity while minimizing scrap and machining costs. If you are looking for cold heading wire, Brookfield can develop the highest quality wire solutions for your application with quick lead times and competitive pricing.