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Our Wire Drawing Capabilities

Brookfield Wire is a leading provider of fine and ultra-fine wire drawing services for a wide variety of products. We utilize our expertise in metal wire manufacturing to create customized solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether flat, round, or custom-shaped wire, Brookfield’s staff can develop the ideal wire for application with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Here at Brookfield, we combine countless years of wire drawing experience to create products with exceptional strength. Our wire products can withstand even the most extreme conditions, so you can worry less about replacing parts and focus more on your work. Learn more about our wire drawing capabilities and products below.

The Wire Drawing Process

What is wire drawing and why do we use it? Well, to manufacture the highest quality metal wire products in America, we find wire drawing to be the most effective method. The wire drawing process involves the continuous reduction of metal rods at their cross-sections. We can then draw the resulting wire through several drawing die, which reduce the diameter of the wire while increasing its length. Wire drawing also has the added advantage of increasing strength and temper for higher-level performance.

Our team will repeatedly draw the wire through our state-of-the-art drawing die to ensure we accurately meet your specifications. We can even perform annealing at any point in the process depending on what type of wire you need. In the case that you do not know which wire is ideal for your project, our staff is more than happy to provide you with expert recommendations based on your industry and application.

The Benefits of Brookfield Wire Drawing

Working with Brookfield Wire, LLC means you get to work with one of the most accomplished wire manufacturers in the United States. Our experience allows us to manufacture wire to your exact sizing, temper, and packaging requirements while maintaining exceptional levels of efficiency. At our manufacturing facility, we draw countless tons of wire in stainless steel, nickel, Inconel, and many other alloys each year. Regardless of your application, you can depend on us to deliver the durable, DFARS-compliant products you need.

Here are some other benefits of Brookfield wire drawing services:

  • Excellent surface finishing

  • High volume production

  • Precision control for strict dimensions

  • High efficiency manufacturing

  • Quick lead times

If you need high-quality wire for your next project, look no further than Brookfield Wire, LLC.


High-Quality, Custom Wire Solutions

Here at Brookfield, we work to maintain the highest levels of quality, precision, and uniformity in the production of all our metal wire products. We equip our expert wire drawing staff with the most advanced equipment in the industry to ensure each product meets the strictest quality and performance standards. Our wire drawing capabilities include flat wire, round wire, and custom-shaped wire in a full range of metal alloys, so you always receive exactly what you need for the job.

Flat Wire

Also known as ribbon wire, flat wire is a common and versatile wire product used in many applications. Our production process for flat wire begins with a round wire. We draw this round wire to the ideal size and then roll it to a flat cross-section with several wire forming processes and applying anneals if necessary.

Our flat wire products are capable of matching extremely close dimensional tolerance requirements with various options for edges on narrow widths. Flat wire edge options include natural round, full rounded, square edge, and broken corner. You can also choose from a full range of diameters, finishes, alloys, and packaging to ensure you receive the ideal wire products in the most convenient fashion.

Round Wire

Round wire production is another of Brookfield’s specialties. Our wire drawing capabilities allow us to maintain the efficiency and precision necessary for creating the highest quality round wire solutions on the market. Producing round, fine, and ultra-fine wire to close dimensional tolerances is a simple task with our advanced wire drawing equipment. In fact, our round wire can meet strict application requirements that diamond and carbide dies cannot. We can also deliver our round wire solutions in spools, catchweight coils, and cut-to-length packaging to meet your shipment needs.

Custom Shaped Wire

Choosing Brookfield means you work with a team that does not say no to a challenging project. We have the experience to completely customize our wire drawing processes to meet even the most unique and complex specifications. More importantly, we can deliver high quality custom wire products with lightning-fast lead times while offering competitive pricing.

Our custom wire solutions are manufactured with net-like, cross-sectional dimensions. This allows us to minimize scrap and machining costs, so we can deliver the products you need without exceeding your budget. Distinguished organizations in industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace depend on Brookfield for custom wire solutions, so you can trust us to get the job done.

If you want to learn more about the sizes, alloys, tempers, finishes, and packaging options we offer for custom metal wire solutions, get in contact with Brookfield Wire, LLC today and speak to a wire drawing expert about your next project.