Reliable slickline wire manufacturers are crucial for oil and gas, industrial, and construction industries. Slickline is a single strand wire that delivers and retrieves tools downhole. Often long and smooth, slickline is commonly found in the oil and gas industry where it runs tools into the wellbore. Such equipment includes plugs, gauges, and valves. Additionally, slickline operators use these wires to adjust valves and sleeves and repair tubing.

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At Brookfield Wire, we aim to not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations with every transaction. Our 70+ years of experience have taught us that our clients are our most valuable asset. We are proud to work with DFARS-compliant metals.

For Brookfield‘s customers, this means high-quality, consistent, and reliable metals for every application. Efficient process controls ensure product specifications and project deadlines are met.

We ship globally and only accept deadlines we know we can meet. Efficient production processes ensure our customers have their wire products when they need them.

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The wire found in oil and gas applications faces some of the toughest, most demanding working conditions. Environments vary from location to location, including both on land and underwater. Brookfield designs our heavy-duty slickline to endure the harshest of oil, gas, and geothermal conditions. Our DFARS-compliant metals are reliably sourced and dependable, easing the minds of slickline operators worldwide.

Available Wire Packaging:

Bulk Spools, l lb. and 5 lb. Spools, Bulk Coils and 1/4 lb. Handi-Pak Coils, New England Butt, Wardwell 16 & 24 Carrier and Hacoba.

Slickline v. Wireline

Often found among the same industries, slickline and wireline have similarities. Wireline is an electrical cable that lowers tools and transmits data. This data relays information about the conditions of downhole and logging activities.

A slickline is made of a single strand, non-electrical wire. Multi-strands of electrical wire combine to make the cable of a wireline. Brookfield does not manufacture cables. However, we do manufacture the wires that cables are composed of. Contact our technical staff to find out if our wire solutions are right for your application.