Custom Wire Forming

Brookfield’s custom wire forming is the ideal solution for a variety of component parts. We specialize in high-efficient wire bending, wire forming, and fabrication. Our engineers handle high-volume runs as well as smaller, custom orders.

At Brookfield Wire, our innovative design abilities and competitive pricing make us the ideal choice for prototype manufacturing and custom wire forms. We offer diverse materials, packaging, and sizing options from .006” to .225”. Our wire forming capabilities are rooted in decades of experience in tackling the most complex wire forming projects. We are pleased to offer expertise, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround. From bulk wire to specialized orders, we are the team for the best wire forming manufacturing. No matter the challenge, we have the solution.

Big Savings on Bulk Wire Forming

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Industry-Leading Technology & Metal Processes

Brookfield uses state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing equipment to supply our clients with consistent, reliable parts. We design custom wire forms in diverse shapes for specific functions.

Wire forming can vary in complexity depending upon what is needed. Custom wire forming is not as difficult as it used to be thanks to evolutions in technology and programming, but much of the success in wire forming depends upon the knowledge of the machine operator, not just the machine itself. The operator needs to be able to determine if the machine will have the capability to produce the size, shape, and diameter that is desired.

In days past, it used to be that wire forming was primarily about straight lines, squares, and circles. Today, it is possible to make a diverse range of shapes. The most difficult, even with all of the development in the industry, is wire forming a shape with adjacent bends that have no straight length in between. This type of form is called a compound bend. For this type of wire forming you truly need a machinist who is expert at his or her craft. Before approaching a manufacturer with an RFQ for custom wire forms, make sure they have a team with the skills and experience necessary to provide you with what you need. At Brookfield, there is no question we can meet any specifications you throw at us for wire forming. Our prototype wire forming capabilities will be enough to prove you have made the right choice in partnering with us.

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These custom wire forms include processes such as:

  • Wire bending

    Wire bending, as per the name, is bending wire so it is suitable for specific applications. Although it sounds simple, skill is definitely required to bend wire properly. Wire needs to be able to bend without breaking, especially when used for automobile applications. There are many ways to bend wire. Wire can be bent using sheer manual labor, but the most effective way to bend wire is via a CNC machine. Wire forming via a CNC machine provides the fastest production, the least amount of labor (hence lower costs), and the most consistent quality over a run.

  • Forming wire

    Wire forming is a broad name for forming wire into any kind of desired shape. As mentioned above, Brookfield is able to create prototype wire forms, and we can also address custom wire forming requests. Wire forming may be used to form wire into a coil, a compound bend, or more simple shapes like circles or squares. Depending on the requirements of the form, Brookfield can manufacture wire forms in stainless steel, Inconel, nickel, copper, and more.

  • Flattening

    Wire flattening is a process by which wire is flattened in order to make it usable for specific purposes. The process usually involves cold rolling either straightened round wire or a metal rod. When talking to Brookfield it is important to give us as many specifications as possible on the front end. Our wire flattening services can meet most desired diameters and edge finishes, so it is simply a matter of communicating what you need most. We can use a prototype wire form to show you different ways to turn your idea into reality, and we can also create a custom wire form if your specifications are far off the beaten path.