Fine Wire: Metal Alloys, Tempers, & Finishes

Fine wire manufacturers can’t compete with Brookfield when it comes to fine wire. We tailor stainless steel, nickel, copper, and specialty alloys to the demands of your fine and ultra-fine wire needs. Brookfield has spent 70+ years mastering unique wire solutions for applications within countless industries. Our state-of-the-art facility and equipment use the latest technology to generate the most precise process control and tolerance.

Metal Alloys

Brookfield Wire, LLC specializes in 300 series stainless steel for fine wire, resistance, nickel alloys, nitinol, inconel, and monel. Global purchasing provides access to raw materials for almost any specification. Brookfield works to be among the shortlist of wire manufacturers who are DFARS compliant, working with materials that come solely from domestic or NATO sources. For you, that means only the most reliable and quality materials are used for your wiring solution.

Standard Alloys

  • 302
  • 304

  • 304L

  • 304V

  • 305

  • Ni 200

  • Ni 205

  • 80/20

  • Monel 400*

  • Inconel 600*

  • Inconel 601*

  • Blk Inc 600*


Tempering metal improves the characteristics by heating the metal to high temperatures then cooling it off. This process reduces the internal stresses of the metal. As a result, toughening the metal and lessening the brittleness.

Brookfield’s various tempers range from full annealing to full spring. Yet to mention, intermediate tempers are available upon request.


.006″ – .008″ 1-5-10 lb. Spools
.009″ – .019″ 10-30-50 lb. Spools
.020″ – .039″ 10-50 lb. Spools
.040″ – .063″ 50 lb. Spools
16″ ID Coils up to 400 lb. each.
.070″ – .180″ 16″ ID or 22″ ID Coils
.180″ – .250″ 22″ – 36″ ID Coils
600 lb. to 1200 lb.

Intermediate & Spring

.006″ – .005″ 1-5 lb. Spools
.006″ – .009″ 5-10-30 lb. Spools
.010″ – .027″ 10-30-50 lb. Spools
.028″ – .039″ 25-100 lb. Spools
12″ or 16″ ID Coils
.040″ – .069″ 25-100 lb. 12″ ID or 16″ ID Coils
.070″ – .180″ 100-400 lb. 16″ ID or 22″ ID Coils
.180″ – .250″ 22″ – 36″ ID Coils 600 lb. to 1200 lb.


Metal finishes are an integral part of the final product, impacting the overall composition of the metal.

Available Wire Packaging

Bulk Spools, l lb. and 5 lb. Spools, Bulk Coils and 1/4 lb. Handi-Pak Coils, New England Butt, Wardwell 16 & 24 Carrier and Hacoba.

Brookfield’s standard finishes include:

  • BrookBright
  • Matte
  • Bright

  • Soap Drawn

Special purpose coatings are available upon request.

Fine Wire Manufacturers

Fine wire manufacturers like Brookfield Wire can create the most ideal wire for your project. Fine wire manufacturers are as necessary as they are dependable for fine wire. With our vast experience and capability of producing wire, Brookfield will meet the exact specifications of the customer and desired processes to get the highest quality of wire.

Brookfield Wire is known as one of the top fine wire manufacturers because of our unmatched wire drawing capabilities. We have the expertise to work with different alloys from fine 304 wire to nickel 200 fine wire. No matter the project, Brookfield will get the job done.

Fine Wire Processes

For the finished wire product to be exactly what you need, the metal components need to be processed. Here are just a few of the processes that can perform to bring you the best fine wire.

Tempering Metal

The metal tempering process results in wire that has increased toughness by decreasing the hardness of it. To temper a metal, it is heated to a high temperature that is below its melting point and then cooled. Tempering reduces damage from occurring during wire processing.

Tempering decreases stress and also enhances the metal’s resistance to corrosion. Brookfield has a wide range of tempers to choose from, so our customers get exactly what they need.

Annealing Metal

Annealing is another heat treatment that alters metal. Annealing is used to make metal more flexible and thus more workable. The annealing process includes heating the alloy to a specific temperature, sustaining it for a period of time, and then cooling it.

Fine Wire Drawing

Wire drawing is the most effective method to achieve the highest quality metal wire products. Wire drawing pulls a wire through a die continuously to create the desired specifications while maintaining a sturdiness of the metal. Wire drawing is a popular wire process, and we can even perform annealing at any step of the wire drawing process.

Our wire drawing services also have benefits like excellent surface finishing, precision control for strict dimensions, and high volume production. We have the experience as a top fine wire drawing company in Ohio and provide our customers with the best fine wire available.

Fine Wire Applications

Fine wire is used in various industries such as the medical industry for equipment like probes and tasks that need minimally invasive wires. It is also used in other industries for filtration, heating elements, and electronic components.

Brookfield Fine Wire Manufacturers

Brookfield Wire is a top fine wire company in Ohio. We perform fine wire processes on both small and large scales. It’s important to us to provide our customers with the most efficient service combined with the highest quality of product. If you want to save money on your next wire purchase, contact Brookfield Wire today for competitive bulk wire prices.