What is Bar Stock Manufacturing?

Bar stock is a type of solid raw metal commonly found in industrial and machining environments and can be applied in a wide variety of processes. Here at Brookfield Wire, we use bar stock to manufacture custom metal parts and products based on customer needs. Bar stock manufacturing is most commonly used in forging, machining, and extrusion.

Forging involves heating the bar stock to high temperatures and applying extreme force to push the piece into a die, creating the desired part. The machining process uses a variety of tools and cutters for high-precision detailing that cannot be performed in other processes. Lastly, extrusion utilizes a series of rollers that push the hot bar stock into dies that progressively reshape the metal to develop the final product. There are countless varieties of extrusion lengths to begin the manufacturing process.

Big Savings on Bar Stock

Discover how much you can save buying bar stock in bulk from Brookfield.

Superior Bar Stock Solutions

As a leading provider of metal wire solutions, we can custom manufacture bar stock for parameters such as tensile strength, hardness, diameter tolerance, and length. There are countless varieties of extrusion lengths to begin the manufacturing process.

Global Purchasing of Metal Alloys

We also employ global purchasing methods to acquire our bar stock. So, we can provide our customers with a wider variety of material options than our competitors. Furthermore, this allows us to customize our processes to meet unique application requirements while maintaining DFARS-compliant status. Most notably, we only acquire raw materials from trustworthy domestic and NATO sources, ensuring our customers receive the best possible quality at the lowest price.

Certified USA Bar Stock Manufacturing

If you have been looking for the perfect bar stock manufacturing company for your next project, contact Brookfield Wire Company. We are leaders in the design, engineering, and production of bar stock solutions, so you can depend on us to provide exceptional quality, precision, and efficiency. In fact, Brookfield Wire Company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified of bar stock solutions.

We pride ourselves on offering the most strong, reliable solutions on the market, so we give our customers a comprehensive selection of metal to choose from, ensuring they always get the products they need. Our metal materials include various grades of stainless steel, nickel, nickel-based alloys, and many more! Most importantly, all of our products are completely DFARS-compliant. So, choosing Brookfield means you receive the best products in the industry with quicker lead times, better pricing, and timely delivery.

We welcome any and all questions about acquiring special alloys or in regard to our 50+ standard alloys, so contact us today to get started on your next project!

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