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Flat, Round & Shaped Wire

Brookfield Wire offers extensive wire forming services including complete wire drawing down to .003 inch. Brookfield Wire specializes in 300 series stainless steel, resistance, nickel alloys, and red metals. Global purchasing provides access to raw materials to almost any specification. Our electric strand annealing furnaces enables us to process virtually any wire needed for rolling, shaping, or die drawing. Typical industries that we supply are the spring, resistance, jewelry, automotive, and hardware.

Typical Applications
  • Aircraft

  • Belt

  • Braiding

  • Brush

  • Cable

  • Chain

  • Cold Heading

  • Fishing

  • Forming

  • Jewelry

  • Lockwire

  • Medical
  • Metal Hose


  • Metallizing

  • Nails

  • Pins

  • Safety Wire

  • Screen

  • Springs

  • Staples

  • Surgical Wire

  • Weaving

  • Welding

  • Winding

  • Wire Rope




Critical Tolerance Applications Flat Wire
Die drawn shapes for critical tolerance applications are available with diamond and carbide dies. Rolled shapes can be provided to satisfy most any other requirements. Laser micrometers with printers for S.P.C. charts can be utilized, complementing Brookfield's total process control. Brookfield Wire can provide flat roll up to 1/2 inch wide. A maximum width thickness of 10:1 is possible in most cases. Square or rectangular wire up to 1/4 inch is common. Other sizes, which don't often meet this criteria, are possible on an item-by-item basis. All tempers are available from strand annealed up thru and including spring.
Standard Alloys
  • 302

  • 304

  • 304L

  • 304V

  • 305

  • 314

  • 316

  • 316L

  • 316LVM

  • 321

  • 330

  • 330CB
  • 347

  • 430

  • Ni 200

  • Ni 205

  • Ni 211

  • 80/20

  • Monel 400*

  • Inconel 600*

  • Inconel 601*

  • Blk Inc 600*

*Registered Trademark, International Nickel Co.

Round Wire: .003" to .400"
Straight & Cut: .006" to .250"

Tempers will be supplied to manufacturing specifications.
"BrookBright", matte, bright and soap drawn are standard. Special purpose coatings, including NYLON, are also available upon request.
Brookfield Wire provides a variety of packaging options from 1/4 pound spools, traverse wound coils, Acro Pacs, catch weight coils, and reels up to two thousand pounds.
Wire Drawing
Brookfield Wire offers wire drawing services up to .400 inch down to .003 inch.


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Specialists in Stainless Steel, Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Round Wire, Straighten and Cut, Flat Wire, Die Drawn Shapes, Rolled Shapes, Nylon Coating, and Special Spooling.

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