Looking For Reliable Wire Suppliers? | Here’s Where To Start

an example of wire supplied by brookfield wire suppliersWhen it comes to finding quality wire suppliers, you’ll find yourself with hundreds of options. The market for steel wire manufacturers is full of small, medium, and massive suppliers who all compete to sell the best wire at the best price. That’s where Broofield Wire steps in to offer you the guidance you need, to help you make the ideal wire choice.

First and foremost, you need to determine the type and amount of wire your company needs. This will help you find the best wire suppliers to work with, and find a reasonable price. There are many different types of wire, which means steel wire manufacturers have their own specialties. Let’s review some common types of wire.

Common Types Of Wire | Wire Company

Low Carbon Steel Wire

Low carbon steel wire is a common type of wire that is used in applications that require flexibility. High carbon wire is stronger but doesn’t bend and shape nearly as easily. For low stress applications like coat hangers or small springs, look for wire suppliers that sell low carbons steel wire.

Hard Drawn Wire

Hard drawn wire is a type of wire that has been drawn to a specific diameter without any additional tempering. This wire is great for bending into springs or other wire forms, so you’ll see it used often in shopping carts and certain auto parts. Hard drawn wire is not as strong as high carbon wire or music wire, however, so don’t rely on this kind of wire for high stress applications. The wire company you work with can give you specifics on the amount of stress hard drawn wire can endure.

Broom Wire

Per its name, broom wire is used in all types of brushes. From street cleaners to industrial brooms, this wire is reliable and usually comes with a high carbon count. Wire suppliers that sell broom wire will often galvanize it, or coat it with PVC. This allows the wire to endure the repeated friction that comes with brushing, cleaning, or sweeping.

Annealed Stainless Steel Wire

Annealed stainless steel wire is wire that has the softest temper of all stainless steel wires. This wire is heat-treated (also described as “annealed”) to make it more malleable, and therefore able to be bent and shaped as needed. Steel wire manufacturers that make annealed stainless steel wire expose it to high temperatures, sometimes more than 1000 degrees Celsius. This allows the wire to heat, then cool, and then harden into a lower tensile strength. You’ll find annealed stainless steel wire in rural fencing, jewelry and crafts, art pieces, and more.

Find The Best Wire Suppliers Today

In addition to the types listed above, there are hundreds more types of wire that are sold by wire suppliers. Once you know the type(s) of wire needed for your facility, the next step is to determine the amount, and how frequently you’ll need the wire delivered from the wire company. Oftentimes, steel wire manufacturers will offer to create a contract that gets you on a long-term schedule with the company for wire delivery. This provides security and gives you a reliable schedule to work around.

Determine your budget before you find the best wire suppliers, and talk to the experts about what that budget can get you. An honest wire company will not try to upsell you. If you are not finding the right wire suppliers, it may be time to look for a smaller company that offers the type of rates you’re looking for.

Know your goals, do your research, and you’ll find the right wire suppliers in no time.