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Since 1947, Brookfield has been drawing and shaping wire, earning a reputation for quality and reliability. From aerospace to agriculture, our highly rated wire supply can be found in the most demanding applications around the world.

We have the capabilities to your exact gauge, temper, and finish specifications from .006” to .250” diameter. Once drawn, we offer a variety of spool and package options to meet your requirements. Among many of our high-quality services, we offer a wire in coils, reels, Acro Pacs, and more. We are able to supply formed, flat, or straightened and cut wire. Brookfield serves the need for a wire supply near me.

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No One Knows Customer Satisfaction Like Brookfield Wire Supply

Our top of the line wire products are produced to the highest industry standards in a broad range of chemistries, sizes, tempers, and finishes. In addition to the standard products outlined below, we can customize wire products meeting rigid individual customer requirements. Our plant, located on a 40-acre site in Brookfield, Massachusetts, was founded in 1947, and operates approximately 70,000 square feet of manufacturing area to produce the top wire supply.

We welcome all of our customer’s inquiries for hard-to-find alloys as well as any of the over 50 standard metal alloys we carry. Our goal is to give our customers a better experience with our bulk wire supply, realistic lead times, and competitive prices. If you’re searching for a wire manufacturer near me, Brookfield aims to satisfy every customer that needs the best in metal wire suppliers.

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More Options Available Than other Wire Supply Experts

Whether you need wire on fine wire, mesh wire, or anything else we keep in our wire supply, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Brookfield specializes in 300 series stainless steel wire supply, resistance, nickel alloys, Nitinol, Inconel, and Monel, with completely custom shaping and forming available.

Global purchasing provides access to raw materials for almost any industry function. Brookfield Wire Supply strives to be among the shortlist of wire manufacturers who are DFARS-compliant, working with materials that come solely from domestic or NATO sources. For the customer, that means only the most reliable, sustainable and quality materials are used for your wiring projects.

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A Wire Supply Serving a Wide Variety of Industries

Our manufactured wire products can be found across almost any industry you could imagine. Brookfield’s wire is a go-to wire supply among the medical, marine, industrial, electrical and many other high stakes industries where failure is never an option. Industries with higher-vibration environments require the most dependable wire, and we make it on site at Brookfield.

The continuous impact of shaking, jolting, and jarring of industrial applications tends to loosen the hold of fasteners on various equipment. Unfortunately, if a bolt loosens, dangerous mechanical failures can occur. When it comes to unfavorable marine conditions, throttle mechanisms, or braking devices, you can’t trust just any marine wire supply to keep up with these high risk environments. These industries count on Brookfield over and over again, and we strive to deliver.

Why Should you Look into a Bulk Wire Supply?

Even with the best equipment, you can’t have a truly dependable and fast network without the right wire supply on hand. No matter how large or small. You always want to make sure you have enough bulk wire on hand in case of an emergency. Purchasing bulk wire from Brookfield is a great way to make sure you have plenty of everything you need exactly when you need it.

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Whenever you need to make changes and adjust your fasters, buying your wire in bulk offers a lot of benefits. It is a great way to keep your overall costs lower on large projects, ensure that you have a big enough wire supply to avoid any production delay, and manage any projects of scale for any possible situation. Our Bulk wire supply prices are unbeatable, and we have the largest selection of wire options on the market today. Whether you work in the high stakes aerospace or you’re a professional mechanic who goes through a lot of motorcycle wire, buying bulk wire is an affordable way to make sure you’re always ready for your next project

  • Flexibility

  • Quick Production Times

  • Reduced Waste

  • Consistency

Brookfield Wire Co. | Trusted American Wire Supply Since 1947

The Brookfield Wire supply team has 70+ years of experience drawing and shaping stainless steel wire. “Draw” on Brookfield’s experience to deliver the right alloy, size, temper, and finish for your wire requirements. Signature wire products include cold heading wire, shaped wire, brush wire, marine wire, welding wire, steel wire supply and much more.

With so many high quality products in our wire supply to choose from, and the best service and capabilities in the industry, it’s no wonder our customers choose us over and over again. Contact Brookfield wire supply today to learn more.

Big Savings on Bulk Wire

Discover how much you can save buying wire supply in bulk from Brookfield | Trusted Wire Manufacturer Near Me