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Are you looking for a provider of high-strength steel wire products for your next project? Brookfield Wire Company is a leader among wire manufacturing companies, offering a comprehensive range of custom metal wire products and high-precision wire drawing capabilities. In fact, we can manufacture round, flat, and shaped stainless wire products to meet your exact application requirements with quicker lead times and competitive pricing. So, we can more readily provide the wire products you need while working within your schedule and budget.

Here at Brookfield, we combine countless years of industry experience as wire manufacturers with the most advanced wire drawing equipment. So, we are equipped to custom manufacture high-quality wire with unparalleled dimensional accuracy. Most importantly, this allows us to meet and exceed even the most challenging quality and performance standards for virtually any industry.

If you are looking for wire manufacturing companies that offer reliable services with superior efficiency and precision, you can depend on Brookfield Wire Company. We can create wire in a full range of diameters, tempers, alloys, finishes, and chemistries, so you always receive the ideal wire solutions for your unique application.

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High-Precision Service from a Leader Among Wire Manufacturing Companies

Brookfield is a leader among wire manufacturing companies, offering a wide variety of high-quality products and wire forming services. We have been drawing and shaping wire since 1947, having built a solid reputation for quality and consistency.

Our products are also capable of fulfilling the requirements of even the toughest applications. In fact, our nickel-based alloys and stainless-steel wire is applicable in various applications ranging from agriculture to aerospace. Furthermore, our wire products are easy to clean, eco-friendly, and extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Our expertise in custom cable manufacturing allows us to draw wire to the perfect gauge, temper, and finish requirements at diameters ranging from .006″ to .250″. We also offer a diverse selection of spooling and packaging options to make shipment and delivery as convenient as possible for you

Quicker Lead Times, Better Pricing

Here at Brookfield, we focus mainly on nickel, nickel-based alloys, and stainless steel for our wire products. So, we can offer much quicker lead times and more affordable pricing than other wire manufacturers. We also offer DFARS-compliant materials to ensure our clients always receive the highest quality products.

Many manufacturers will purchase our wire products in bulk. This includes brush wire, spring wire, welding wire, screen wire, medical wire, and more! We have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment necessary for fulfilling projects of any volume.

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Shaped, Flat, and Round Wire Manufacturing Companies

Brookfield is also a leading provider of custom shaped, flat, and round wire products. Not only do we offer high-quality materials, but we also have precision in-house manufacturing services to ensure complete dimensional accuracy and control. As a result, we can always meet the specifications of your project and deliver your wire on-time.

Custom Shaped Wire

Our custom shaped wire products are applicable in many industries from mining to agriculture. We design our shaped wire with precise cross-sectional dimensions in a net or near-net configuration. As a result, we can significantly reduce machining and scrap costs. We can deliver these products in coils or cut-to-length options as well as a variety of sizes, alloys, finishes, and tempers.

Flat and Ribbon Wire

Flat wire, or ribbon wire, is another form of shaped wire. First, we draw a length of round wire to an ideal size. We then roll this wire to a flat cross-section with a series of processes, applying anneals if necessary.

Flat wire has the unique ability to offer close dimensional tolerances as well as various edges on narrow widths. Our edge options include natural round, full rounded, broken corner, and square edge. These products also come in many different alloys, sizes, and finishes with custom packaging options.

Round Wire

Manufacturing round wire is a Brookfield specialty. We can quickly create high-quality round wire, fine wire, and ultra-wire products with close dimensional tolerances. Also, our rolled shapes can fulfill most requirements that our carbide and diamond dies cannot.

Additionally, we can deliver round wire in spools, bobbins, catchweight coils, and cut-to-length packaging.

The Custom Wire Products You Need

Brookfield offers 70+ years of experience in drawing and shaping wire, so you can depend on us to deliver the ideal alloy, size, temper, and finish for your wire products. If you are looking for reliable wire manufacturing companies in your area, contact Brookfield today! Learn more about Stainless Steel Wire Suppliers in the USA.

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