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Are you looking for stainless steel tie wire? Choose Brookfield for all your bulk wire drawing needs. We separate ourselves from other tie wire manufacturers with our ability to customize our wire products to meet the requirements of virtually any application, so you always receive the best tool for the job.

As a leading supplier of steel wire solutions, we manufacture tie wire with a wide selection of alloys. Our steel tie wire includes different sizes, tempers, and finishes that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We also offer numerous packaging options for steel tie wire reels to make shipment and storage more convenient. When you are seeking leading steel tie wire suppliers, you can count on Brookfield Wire.

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Big Savings on Bulk Tie Wire

Discover how much you can save buying tie wire in bulk from Brookfield.

What Is Tie Wire Used For?

Tie wire is a versatile tool with several uses, but construction is the most popular. Many refer to it as “rebar tie wire” or “concrete reinforcement wire” because it reinforces the steel bars that live inside large concrete structures.

Construction workers have a set of wire tie tools that allow them to quickly wrap the wire around the rebar and twist it. They will repeat this process throughout the entire network of rebar mesh, significantly increasing the structural integrity of the concrete.

Most would assume that these steel bars are welded together, but it is much less common. Welding rebar together increases the heat of the metal, which can lead to serious structural issues down the line.

When building concrete structures, the last thing you want is stress fractures forming from the rebar. These issues are incredibly difficult to solve, and welded rebar is virtually impossible to replace without demolishing the original structure.

Stainless steel tie wire offers much more flexibility, allowing the concrete slabs and rebar to move independently without creating stress fractures. In fact, concrete inspectors will often require tie wire whether the rebar is weldable or not. It is just that much more effective.

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Other Tie Wire Applications

Construction is not the only application for tie wire, however. Companies in many different industries use these products to ship materials. The lumber, agriculture, and scrap industries find tie wire to be particularly useful. They often refer to it as “baling wire” or “binding wire” because it is the easiest way to secure bales of materials prior to loading them onto trucks.

Wood, hay, straw, rubber, tires, scrap metal, cotton, and wool are just a few examples of things you can transport with steel tie wire. Construction companies will even use it to ship the rebar they plan to use in their projects.

You will also find tie wires on farms in the form of fencing. It is one of the most cost-effective ways for farmers to seal off outdoor pens. Not only is it quick and easy to install, but it can also connect to an electric fencing system to discourage animals from jumping out or running through.

Is your application not listed here? If you think you could use tie wire for an upcoming project, get in touch with our technical staff. Our team can provide recommendations based on the job description.

How Is Tie Wire Made?

Here at Brookfield, we use wire drawing to manufacture all our metal wire products. This is the best process for creating high-quality wire, and with our state-of-the-art wire drawing equipment, we can maintain higher levels of precision and quality control for every project. We also offer quick lead times and competitive pricing for high-volume production.

The wire drawing process starts with reducing metal rods at their cross-sections and continuously feeding the wire through our drawing dies. The metal rod will progressively decrease in diameter as the drawing process progresses. We will repeatedly draw the wire until it meets your exact requirements.

Our tie wire products offer the following features and advantages:

  • High-Tensile Strenght & Flexibility

  • Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant

  • Easy to Use

  • Cost-Effective

  • Tailored to Your Requirements

What Is Tie Wire Made Of?

Tie wire is most often manufactured with stainless steel, especially for construction applications. It offers the most tensile strength and over durability, so it is the best choice for long-term use.

Steel wire ties also go through an annealing process. What is annealing? Annealing is a heat-treating process that impacts both the physical and chemical properties of the metal. it significantly improves the flexibility of the wire and makes it easier to bend and tie around rebar and other materials.

While stainless steel is the most common choice, it is not the only option. We offer a full range of high-quality metal alloys to choose from. It all depends on the type of project you are working on.

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Tie Wire Metal Alloys

Wire drawing with 300 series stainless steel is a Brookfield specialty, but we can also work with a wide variety of other alloys. Our electric strand annealing furnaces allow us to process nearly any type of wire for rolling, shaping, or die drawing.

With global purchasing, we give our customers access to a full range of quality metal alloys. We source our materials only from the most reliable domestic and NATO suppliers, so we can guarantee higher quality products with the lowest possible pricing. Check out our tie wire alloy selection below:

300 Series Stainless Steel

  • 302

  • 304, 304L, & 304V
  • 305
  • 316
  • 321

Other Standard Alloys

  • Nickel 200 & 205
  • Monel 400
  • Inconel 600 & 601
  • Blk Inconel 600
  • And More!

Choose Brookfield, a Leader Among Tie Wire Manufacturers!

When you choose Brookfield, you get to work with a leading manufacturer of stainless steel tie wire and many other custom wire solutions. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified wire drawing company, we have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to maintain the highest levels of quality and precision on the market.

With our selection of quality metal materials, we can help you find the ideal tie wire for your application. More importantly, we offer quick lead times and speedy delivery with bulk pricing, so you can save big and get the wire you need!

If you are looking for stainless steel tie wire or any other wire products, contact Brookfield today Our team will be happy to answer your questions about our services or 50+ standard metal alloys and help you get started on your project!

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