Everything You Need for Metal Wire Crafts

If you have been looking for a craft wire supplier, you can depend on Brookfield. Whether you need wire for stainless steel wire crafts, copper wire crafts, or other projects, we can deliver the quality you need. Stainless steel craft wire is a versatile material known for its uses in jewelry making, sculpting wirework, and home DIY projects. The flexibility of stainless steel craft wire allows artists and other experts to create angular bends, curves, and spirals with the metal.

With our wire drawing capabilities, we can create high-quality, custom wire solutions for virtually any application. We offer a wide range of alloys, sizes, tempers, and finishes to meet your exact requirements. We also offer many packaging options to make shipment and storage as convenient as possible. Our wide range of wire drawing capabilities, alloys, and finishes ensure you have the highest quality stainless steel craft wire for your next project.

As a leading stainless steel wire supplier, Brookfield draws countless tons of wire in steel, nickel, copper, and several other alloys each year. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Distributor of stainless steel craft wire solutions. You can trust us to create the exact craft wire you need with affordable, bulk pricing.

Big Savings on Bulk Metal Craft Wire

Discover how much you can save buying craft wire in bulk from Brookfield.

What Is Metal Craft Wire?

Craft wire is an incredibly versatile tool for all sorts of creative projects. It is most often used for creating various forms of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, but there are many other ways to use craft wire. Many artists will use craft wire to create sculptures or frameable wall art. In fact, many people have found ways to use craft wire for fixing things around their homes.

Aluminum craft wire, copper craft wire, and stainless steel craft wire are the most common materials, but it all depends on the type of project you are working on. The central advantage of craft wire is that is strong while offering exceptional flexibility. This allows artists to create curves, bends, spirals, and many other shapes without snapping the wire.

Here at Brookfield, we can create the ideal wire for metal craft projects. Whatever material, sizing, or finish you are looking for, we can tailor it to your exact specifications.

Still not sure what to use craft wire for? Check out this short list of craft wire ideas:

Craft Wire Ideas

  • Earrings

  • Necklaces

  • Bracelets

  • Sculptures

  • Custom Wire Hangers

  • Wire Bookends

  • Photo Holders

  • Festive Displays

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How Is Craft Wire Made? | Wire Drawing Services

To create the finest wire products on the market, we use precision wire drawing. This is not only the best method for manufacturing metal craft wire but also a wide range of wire products for several other industries. To create our craft wire, we reduce large metal rods at their cross-sections and pull the wire through drawing dies, continuously decreasing it in diameter.

The wire drawing process repeatedly feeds the wire through our custom drawing dies until it matches the sizing you need. We can also temper or anneal the wire at any point during this process.

For craft wire, annealing is the best choice, as it increases the flexibility of the metal. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, our team can make recommendations based on project requirements.

Why Use Wire Drawing?

  • Excellent Surface finishing

  • Mass Production Capabilities

  • Control of Demanding Dimensions

  • Economical Efficiency

  • Quick Turnaround

Wire drawing is useful for either low or high-volume production. Bulk wire drawing is a Brookfield specialty, so we can deliver the wire you need with quick lead times and affordable pricing. Our wire drawing process at Brookfield is simple and effective. We never shy away from a challenge, and we’re ready to meet all of your stainless steel craft wire needs. If you’re not sure which metal is best for your stainless steel craft wire project, contact our Brookfield team of certified wire drawing and stainless steel craft wire experts for a professional recommendation.

Our Craft Wire Alloy Selection

We offer a wide range of metal alloys to choose from including 300 series stainless steel, nickel, and more! With global purchasing methods, we work with a network of domestic and NATO raw material suppliers to get the highest quality alloys available at the lowest possible prices. We extend this value to our customers by offering the best bulk pricing on the market! Check out our selection of metal craft wire alloys below:

300 Series Stainless Steel

  • 302

  • 304, 304L, & 304V
  • 305
  • 316
  • 321

Other Standard Alloys

  • Nickel 200 & 205
  • Monel 400
  • Inconel 600 & 601
  • Blk Inconel 600
  • And More!

Choose Brookfield for Your Bulk Craft Wire

When you choose Brookfield, you get to work with experts in the wire manufacturing industry. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Distributor of craft wire solutions, our wire drawing services have been recognized for quality and consistency.

With a full selection of metal alloys and wire products, we have the resources and experience to excel in all aspects of wire design, engineering, and production. Our customers benefit from quick lead times and shipment with pricing that suits their budget.

If you have been looking for where to buy stainless steel craft wire, purchase craft wire in bulk from Brookfield. Save big on high-volume orders for the highest quality wire on the market. For questions about our other products and 50+ standard alloys, contact us today!

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