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Lock Wire | Bolt Locking Wire

Brookfield Wire is a leading manufacturer of safety lock wire. For over 50 years we’ve been supplying the aerospace, military, oil and gas, automotive, and other industries with high-vibration environments high-quality, dependable safety wire. We design annealed solutions specifically for the most critical applications.

Lock wire is a type of metal wire used to ensure safety and security in a number of industries. Essentially, lock wire is used to keep fasteners in place. This could mean nuts, bolts, screws, or other types of parts that keep applications held together and functioning. Without lock wire, there is a safety risk posed if any of these fastening mechanisms come loose. For that reason, this type of metal wire needs to be manufactured with durability and longevity, which is exactly what Brookfield Wire promises.


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What is Lock Wire?

lock wire | safety wire

Lock wire, commonly known as safety wire, is an extremely versatile tool for a variety of industries. Brookfield Wire’s design ensures that fasteners remain tight for dependable performance. Our locking device is essentially a safety feature that prevents the loosening of fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

Industries with high-vibration environments require dependable lockwire. The continuous shaking, jolting, and jarring of industrial applications tends to loosen the hold of fasteners. As a result of a loosening bolt, dangerous mechanical failures can occur. When it comes to mission-critical flight controls, throttle mechanisms, and braking devices, failure is not an option.

Safety wire is thread through fasteners in order to cancel out the torque force of fasteners attempting to unwind. Therefore, lock wire is a critical tool to ensure not only top performance but also for the safety of your team.

Our Products | Brookfield Safety Wire

Brookfield has extensive knowledge of the wire industry. As a DFARS-compliant company, we offer top-grade, reliably sourced products that are the best on the market. We have a diverse range of capabilities and commodities, including the ability to customize wire products to exact requirements.

Brookfield offers diverse alloys, sizes, tempers, finishes, and packaging. Last, but not least, our manufacturing specifications include NASM, ASTM, AMS, QQ, and MS.